Dutchess County is warning residents to be on the lookout for a scam involving mailed letters requesting $86 in return for a copy of their deed.

An organization with the name Property Profile, Inc. has recently sent letters to residents, claiming the company can retrieve a copy of their certified deed and mail it back to them for a fee of $86, according to a press release from County Clerk Bradford Kendall. However, Kendall said in the release obtaining a copy of a deed is as easy as requesting one from his office.

An individual can request a copy of their land record by visiting the Dutchess County Clerk’s Office at 22 Market St. in the City of Poughkeepsie or sending a letter to the Record Room at 22 Market St.

The fee is $11 over mail and $6 in-person.

“This is nothing more than a cynical attempt to make money off of the hardworking residents of Dutchess County,” Kendall said in the release. “There is no reason a Dutchess County resident would need to reach out to a third party to obtain a certified copy of their deed or any document from my office.”

On its website, Property Profile claims it will obtain a deed from the County Clerk’s Office, according to the release.

Anyone who has received this letter or a similar letter from a record retrieval company is asked to contact the County Clerk’s Office at 845-486-2125. People can also call if they have questions about their deed or any other legal documents, according to the release.

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